To Twerk or Not to Twerk?

Earlier this week, I was watching my favorite Daytime Telvision Show, The Real. If you are not familiar with this show, they start off every show with a ‘Girl Chat’ segment. This is where they discuss current events, and other topics pertaining to pop culture, women, family, etc. Well one particular topic caught my attention, ‘The Twerking Teacher’.

Take a few moments to watch the segment below.

After listening to their discussion, although I love all these ladies and respect their opinion, I found myself disagreeing with most of what they had to say, with the exception of my girl, Adrienne. While, yes, I understand their point, I absolutely do not feel this teacher did anything worthy of her being fired from her job. Yes, she is a Kindergarten Teacher, however she was not in her classroom twerking to Kidz Bop in front of her students. She was on a vacation simply enjoying herself. She is a 24- year- old woman, and I would suspect she was excited to let her hair down for week and not have to worry about the responsibilities of being a teacher.

How many parents look forward to a vacation away from their children? I’m sure that sounds appealing to many. I am child free (insert shout here), and even I get excited about a few days off of work just to be carefree and do whatever the heck I want to do. I’m certain, if someone filmed me while off work, I may have done some things that people would deem unprofessional. The fact is, I don’t have to be professional if I am not in a professional setting. With that said, I am not saying just go out here and wild out, but I am saying if what you are doing is not criminal, your job shouldn’t be in jeopardy.

I don’t know the logistics of the contract she signed for her job, but I think a fair call to action would have been to have a conversation with her. Maybe, Human Resources should have explained to her that going forward they want her to make smarter choices, because they want their teachers only shown in the most positive light. Maybe, give her a warning  or something and let her reflect on how her actions may have affected her place of work.

I might be one of the few that feels this way, but I am really wondering at what point is it time to say enough is enough? Is there some manual that says, ‘If you take this job, you cannot do such and such.’? I mean, we could use this same rationale when it comes to nurses, doctors, firefighters, police officers, customer service reps, etc. For example, I work in the customer service field, and I partake in the occasional turn up. Let’s say, I was out and someone filmed me after I had one too many. The video goes viral. Would my company have the right to fire me? At that point, I am not wearing anything reflecting my company and I am not on company time. Are my weekend activities affecting the ability to do my job? In my opinion, as long as I am not turning up while working, what I do on my time should have no barring on the ability to do my job.

To wrap things up, I think we need to be really careful with what we deem as acceptable and what we do not. Let someone turn the camera on you and into your life. Who are we to judge what you do in your personal life? As long you are still capable to perform your job functions, are we really at liberty to fire you because we don’t agree with what you do in your spare time? (Of course as long as what you are doing isn’t criminal.)

What are your thoughts? Are there certain jobs that are held to a higher standard? If so, what are those jobs? Who defines which jobs fall into this category and which ones don’t?

Please leave your comment below. I would love to hear what you have to say!


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